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I have started a new blog for a variety of reasons. I want to implement the many lessons learned in my blogging journey of over a decade. I can do this on my old  blog of course but it is exciting to make a fresh start too. I also want this blog to be more of a fitting legacy to Irene who started my blogging journey by telling me I should write. When she did so, I did not realise she was dying.

Mum and Daughter Laughing Together


My mum loved history with a passion and passed this trait to myself and my children. She was the best storyteller. She also argued for a better deal for women determined to be very much a woman in her own right. I hope to combine all of these factors in this blog by looking at the lives of women of different generations. Many women have similar milestones from the ones that apply to us all like our birth stories through to the challenges that face only some of us such as post-natal depression or moving to a new country. You will be able to think of milestones that fit neatly in one or both of those categories from your own life I am sure.

I want to share my mum’s stories and compare them with my own. Some are very different and some are strikingly similar. I wonder if it is the same for your mum and yourself. I am hoping readers will take the time to talk to their grandmas, mums and daughters about the issues raised. I am hoping this will lead to some of you sharing your own stories and images  of women’s lives over the generations with me. I bet there are some great photographs out there that deserve to be seen again.

My daughter is 15 years old. I am hoping things will be better for her as a woman than they were for my mum or myself. In time, I hope she will contribute to this blog as she is a keen writer. In any event, it will serve as somewhere she can visit when she sees fit to learn about the women in her own family and about women’s social history generally.

I call this blog Three Times Lady because often it will look at the life and times of three women. It’s also a reference to one of my late mum’s favourite songs and yes I do love her. It is also worth mentioning that she would refer to me as “Lady!” when she thought I was getting above myself.

Inevitably as this is a new blog, I feel nervous about how it will be received and wonder who will read it. So please do leave a comment with your thoughts, feelings and ideas.

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